One against the whole gang: Phil Galfund entered another poker battle

American poker profile Phil Galfon continues to cite at poker tables on online. Did not have time to calm the passion after his crazy victory in a fight with the player "Venividi1993", As Galfund accepted the call from the Millionaire Bila Perkins.

In the previous Challenge Galfund managed to cross the scales of scales to their side, losing almost one million euros. Poker cache against "Venividi1993", which unfolded behind the Hollywood scenario, brought Phil just over 100,000 profits. The American, however, is not going to rest on the laurels and is ready for another call that will start this week.

Bill Perkins. Photo:

Businessman of White Perkins who is in "alive" events won the prize of nearly $ 5.5 million, Phil will give a solid head start. The opponent will enlist the support of the Thirst Lounge Striprs team who in cache duel against Galfon will play in turn. In addition, as a result of a distance of 50 thousand distribution, the Galfon will receive an additional $ 250 thousand in the case of a triumph, and Perkins – a whole million.

In the way unequal in terms of force, bookmakers unanimously prefer Phil Galfon. Its triumph is estimated by a modest factor of 1.1. Whereas on the victory of Perkins and Company – as much as 6.5.