Dropped $ 100,000: the poker players determined the winner of Main Event Triton Series

Main Event Triton Series gathered the largest players of world poker who made 99 entrances. As a result, the first title in his career was obtained by a Thai poker Punnshi Punnat. Asian poker star confidently dealt with opponents at the final table and took away the main prize – $ 2,600,000.

This player is not well known. In the summer, Punzri reached the final table in a Hirolery event for $ 50,000 in a world series of poker. Now that Thai player became Main Event Triton Series champion, he not only gained popularity, but also confidently entrenched on the 1st line in All Time Money List in his country.

On the final day of the main event came 13 players who divided the entire prize fund. The final table itself as a chiplider began Viktor Malinovsky, But at the stage of 3 tables, another famous Hiroler was leading Arthur Martirosyan. Just after a few clashes with Malinovsky Martirosyan lost a large part of the stack and flew in the end in 7th place.

Pannat Punzri understood the finale with the current Main Event Triton Series champion Henrik Hecklen and the most titled player of the series Jason Kun. There were 70 BB in Malinovsky and Punzri, and Chinese Wayne Hin survived with a stack of more than 5 BB. But in 15 minutes the hin played head-up. Malinovsky lost Punzri Coinflip AK against a couple of ten and flew the third, picking up $ 1,210,000.

The face-to-face game lasted only 2 handouts. Punzri exhibited from the bottom of A8 against A9 but won. His prize is $ 2,600,000, Hin received $ 1,825,000. Now on Triton Poker Cyprus will last a few days with shortdek.