How to combine a successful career on television with love for poker: recipe for unsurpassed punishment Scott

On her hand there are no WSOP champions yet, and on the account – multimillion -dollar winnings on prestigious tournaments, however, anyone who is a little interested in paint, immediately recognizes her bright smile. All because punishment is perhaps the main face of television poker broadcasts.

Kara Scott was born in Canada in 1977 and, literally, from her childhood met Poker who was a popular entertainment in her family. For a long time, this intellectual game was perceived as entertain. When the family moved to Britain, Kara decided to try herself on television. Initially, she conducted martial arts programs in which they were really well versed, and later she was offered to try herself in other projects. So Kara Scott became a leading project "Poker Night Live", where she analyzed the distribution with well -known professionals. It was then that she realized that poker could become the main thing of her life.

Close acquaintance with many professional pointers, constant analysis of important distribution, allowed brown to become a good player itself. In 2009, Canadian achieved the first really noticeable success at the table. She finished second in Main Event Irish Poker Open, which brought her more than $ 400,000 in prize. Scott still periodically performs at various tournaments and her career prizes have already jumped for $ 600,000.

At the same time, for the sake of poker Kari Scott didn’t have to leave his career on television. Without her participation, virtually no noticeable television show about poker in Britain and other countries. Kara Scott was able to combine two of her favorite things in life that, in his own words, made her really happy.