Became richer in a million: Marius Girsa fulfilled the dream of every poterist

Weekly tournament Super Millions Long time ranks central in the world of poker. This time participants could play 5 days of qualifying days with Bai-in $ 10,300 and compete for a guaranteed prize fund of $ 5,000,000.

Thanks to 815 entrances the guarantee managed to increase more than one and a half times. As a result, 117 players went on the second day of the tournament, 100 – got into prizes, and at the final table the minimum payment was $ 155,273.

German poker Marius Girs started the finale with the second stack. All the game he kept in the top chipkunta. Played cautiously but against Victor Malinovsky At the stage 3-maxi made a desperate bluff on all chips and received the desired pass from the opponent.

In the hedz-opa German was opposed by Diego Zater from Switzerland. Most of the time Girs was behind but one distribution has dramatically changed the situation. Both athletes got two pairs on the flop but Marius was older. German player quickly squeezed the opponent and got the main prize – 1 242 $ 190. Ranner-Apa got $ 957 859.

Super Millions Final Table: See Video