Professional advice: How not to disgrace in the first offline tournament with poker

From January 14 to 23, the PREMIER PALACE hotel will take place 11 large -scale tournaments in live format. Offline game always attracts not only professionals but also newcomers.

Known regular high limits, the owner of the WSOP gold bracelet and one of the best players in Omah Phil Galfon on your YouTube channel gave advice to those who are going to participate in a live tournament for the first time.

Give yourself more time

Playing live for the first time is always stress. Come to a place earlier to register in advance and find your table. Then you can start the game in a calm state.

Declare your rates

Beginners often bet are wrong. For example, the opponent put Raise 2 dollars, and the newcomer puts the same amount at the center of the table, adds – another $ 4 and only then says: "Raise up to 6". So you can’t do. You must first voice the rate completely: "Raise up to 6". Then you can at least 300 dollars move to the center of the table, it will still be rais up to 6.

Phil Galfon / Photo

Show that you are more comfortable than you actually

Even experienced players are wrong at the table. Play comfortable so that opponents do not suspect you have a newcomer. They don’t need to know this information, otherwise they will be on you constantly press.

Clarify the actions at the table with the dealer

If you are not sure what actions were at the table before your decision, ask the best at a dealer. For example, an opponent put a rail and you don’t know what minimum re-rose you can do. Ask a dealer and decide over your bid.

Have fun

The first offline tournament is stress. Beginners worry as if to do everything right and nowhere to go wrong. But really you came to the tournament to enjoy. Believe in yourself, reduce expectations and just get fun. Next time you will feel more comfortable.