Tournament poker. How to become a star in an online game

MTT-Table-Tournaments is one of the most popular and promising species of poker, whose entertainment is so high that its best representatives are real sports stars and every step of their step is watching thousands of fans.

MTT contains many elements inherent in other disciplines, so it can be safely called the quintessence.

Despite simple and simple rules, tournament poker often causes many problems for beginners, because because of the constant variability, the choice of optimal strategy is quite difficult task. Professionals spend hundreds of hours on improving poker skills, but for success at the initial stage of career in online it is worth arrying only a few simple rules.

Choice of tournament

For the first time opening the tournament lobby, beginners are lost in the middle of a variety of different types of MTT and prefer mostly large events. That is their big mistake. To make the right choice, you need to pay attention to the three most important parameters, namely: type, structure of growth growth and number of event participants.

The main types of tournaments

Fryzation – player leaves an event if all his chips loses.

Rebi and re-entry tournaments-losing the entire starting stack, a poterist can make the so-called re-entra (re-entrance to the tournament) or the rib (buy chips).

Knockout tournaments-in such event for knocking out the opponent there is a special reward that is attached to the main prize fund.

Satellites are events in which the main prize is a ticket to the more expensive tournament.

Frirols are free tournaments in which you can win a cash reward or other valuable prize.

The structure of growth growth

By structure tournaments can be divided into two types: slow and fast. Slow events include tournaments with a conventional and deep structure, a start stack of which is 100-200 large blinds, and the time of growth of the level of blinds lies in the range from 10 to 20 minutes.

Fast structures include various turbo- and hyperturbations, in which the level of level does not exceed 5 minutes, and the stack- 50 large blinds.

Number of players

Small tournaments – the number of participants does not exceed 1000 people.

Large millionaire tournaments-the number of participants reaches several thousand, and sometimes tens of thousands of players.

Judging by the above parameters, the most advantageous are small events with or without rebairs, with a conventional structure that allows you to exercise an advantage over the opponent.

A good example of such tournaments is the [5k] Long Run, [10k] Great Run and [5k] Freezout Classics DeepStack in the largest Ukrainian poker PokerMatch, which also provides additional 25% of the players for the launch.

Basic strategy

MTT Basic Strategy is not a rigid set of rules because, depending on the current stage of the tournament, a poterist is forced to play in a certain style.

Early stage Provides a solid game with the best starting hands, since at the beginning of the tournament stacks are still deep and participants should slowly increase the number of chips, trying not to fly out of the game.

Medium stage dictates a more aggressive manner because a considerable number of participants have already lost a lot. At this stage it makes sense to widely attack the banda of passive rivals.

Babible. Babibmby playing (in front of the payment zone) is very dependent on the number of chips in the stack of a particular opponent. If there are many players with a short stack at the table, you should choose an aggressive style and force them to give them outlanders without a battle. If your stack is lower than medium or quite small – a taity game will be the best solution.

Late stage. Immediately after Babble burst and participants provided minimal payments for themselves, many of the players are trying to increase the stack, making serious mistakes. The owners of a large number of chips should use these errors and systematically increase the stack, and those players whose stack does not give space for maneuver, should follow the strategy.

Final table. This stage of the tournament is key and all player actions should be aimed at getting into the best. It is at the finale that the largest prizes are played, so it is worth paying great attention to opponents’ strategy and choosing the best solution in playing with them.


Undoubtedly, the tournament game requires versatile knowledge that encompass many spheres of poker, from the strategy of deep stacks to Push-Fold and Hedz-APA. However, for a successful start as a player’s tournament, it is enough to master the basics of poker and adhere to the optimal strategy. Follow the basic rules of the player.

MTT belongs to dispersion disciplines, so players should adhere to the Tait Banrol Strategy, which provides for 80 or more by-in. For example, with a Bankrole of 1,000 UAH you should not play tournaments, more expensive than 10-15 hryvnias. In doing so, newcomers can improve their skills without putting a single penny in the game. It is about freerols that allow you to win real cash prizes without the slightest risk.

A good choice of free tournaments can boast a few poker corners, but Pokermatch is a pleasant exception to the rules, offering their players a rich mesh of daily freezers for every taste.

The absolute majority of players should be carefully evaluated their own strength and prefer small tournaments with a smooth structure of blinds, making an exception for the coolest series that contain huge prize prizes. These tournaments include the PONT series, Pokermatch Million tournament and other events that can change the life of a poterist.

Choosing a suitable strategy in one or another tournament stage is one of the most important skills of a poterist. In order to achieve professionalism, the player should be given enough time to improve his skill.

As a tutorial, you can use vodi professional players, training resources, as well as streams, the main plus of which is the ability to see the actions of poker-pro.

Happy to you in the assimilation of the tournament poker online! Become the best of the best in the sporting struggle!