The pokerists take up the trends from the runoff: staged to tortillas on the face of the face

Tortilla Slap Satellite – The first in the history of poker tournament where cards and chips are not needed. Players recruit water in the mouth, take tortilla and take turns beat her rivals on the cheeks. Who has not kept water – leave.

At Cyprus, the most prestigious series of living tournaments with expensive By-ins started- Triton Poker. The strongest and richest players in the world will spend over 10 tournaments with contributions from $ 25,000 to $ 200,000 within two weeks.

Among the variety of all events, this series will also be remembered by a completely new format that has financed CEO WPN Phil Nagi. He proposed to arrange Tortilla Slap Satellite -a competition that is a trend in Tick-Toka. The winner of such a battle was promised $ 25,000.

Participants were even more than expected. The absence of Farrase Jaki did not prevent finding 5 funeral players. Were not afraid to risk their face Tony gi, Rob Jong, Espen Yorsstad, Barber And himself Phil Nagi.

The first drove Tony Je. Then he flew out of "tournament" Nag. Barbero got rid of Jonha while staying face. In Head-Apa, opponents beat each other for a long time until the world champion Espen Yorsstad was a decisive blow that brought him a tournament ticket for a Triton Poker series for $ 25,000.

TORTilla Slap Satellite Portilla Competition: See Video