Power varieties: herd

Seven -card herd is one of the oldest species of poker. He was popular even before the non -awarding championship among the species of this game was captured by Texas Hold. The game can participate between two and eight players. A significant difference from Haldem or Omaha is that there is no flop, thread or river in the herd, that is, common to all card participants.

Required rates

Ante – Mandatory for all players bet in the bank before the game.

Usually, the seven -card herd begins with a compulsory contribution from all players whose size is 20% of the minimum rate. Every player must put Ante before the cards are handed out.

Bring-in- Once the cards have been handed out, every player should show one of his or her card. The one who will be the lowest should make a rate of half the minimum (brown-in). If the weakest map will be the same in two or more players then the bid to make the one who sits closest to the left hand of the dealer. This contribution will be considered your first rate in the round. So you don’t have to deliver money to see the next card. So it will be until someone lifts your bid.


There are 5 rounds with ponds here. In the seven -card herd, the maximum size of the permissible rate is fixed. All rates and their lifting in this game should be equal to either the minimum or maximum rate that depends on the game round. During the first two rounds, all rates and their increase should be equal to the minimum permitted rate. In the third, fourth and fifth rounds – the maximum. Eg you play at $ 3/6 seven -card herd. In this case, the base rates in the first two rounds will be 3 dollars, and in the next three – $ 6. During one round is allowed to make a maximum of three raises of the rate.

Stages. Photo: Commons.Wikimedia.org

The first round – Each player handed two cards face down and one subsequent open. A player with the weakest open card makes a contribution of half a minimum rate. He can also lift by putting a full minimum rate. During his course, every player can throw cards in a pass, take a bet (put as much as the previous player) or lift it. Recall that all increases should be equal to the minimum permitted rate.

The second round – Each participant receives another open card. A player with the best ready -made combination is entitled to walk first. The same process will be repeated in Third and fourth Rounds. IN Fifth Rounds players get their last seventh card, however, unlike the previous three, it will be closed from opponents.

Shoudan (cards opening) – Anyone who has not dropped their cards at the end of the last trading round gets the opportunity to open their own hand. Accordingly, a player with the strongest 5-card combination in his hand becomes the winner of the distribution and takes away the bank.