Forget about sex, fight a boxer, throw penalties as curry: the most naked pairs of pokerists

Recently, poker circles were rapidly discussing a possible couple between Patrick Leonard and Landon Tais. The latter argued that for $ 100,000 he is ready to spend the whole year at the Bally’s Casino in Las Vegas. They could not come to anything but were in the history of poker and other mad couples.

Once legendary Johnny Moss put $ 1,000 with a factor of 15 to 1 on what will defeat a professional boxer. The trick ended badly for a poterist. After the battle, WSOP Main Event Champion was in hospital. When he was asked why he was at risk of health, Powerist replied that 15 to 1 is too good bet to give up.

Couples between pokerists often relate to basketball topic. Dag Regiment did not believe that Phil Helmut will be able to hit a 3-point throw on the first attempt without warm-up. Together with other pokerists they approved a factor of 10 to 1. Helmut set $ 1,500 and win one successful throw could $ 15,000. The company went outside, found a basketball ring, and Phil showed that it really owns "white magic".

Phil Helmut hit a 3-point: see video

Much more serious basketball skills have shown Mike McDonald. In April 2020, a well -known poterist put $ 250,000 on something that will be able to score 90 out of 100 basketball penalties within one session. It seemed madness because he did not have experience in basketball, and not all professional players can throw with such a percentage with such a percentage. But McDonald won by performing a successful series of throws already in August.

Before the world series of poker 2016 is a popular poterist Vanessa Selbst, Drinking unnecessary, she fought for $ 10,000 that Jason Mersye will not be able to win 3 bracelets for series 3 bracelets. The coefficient was crazy – 180 to 1. The defeat could be at $ 1,800,000. Some moment she was in a step to lose. Mersye won 2 bracelets and went out to hedz-up to another tournament. Fortunately for Vannes, he took 2 place.

Jason Mersye / photo

A dispute that is still ashamed Antonio Esfandiars, It concerns the topic of sex. Painted Bill Bill Perkins offered him $ 1,000,000 if espandaries refuse sex for one year. Antonio decided that nothing is not realized in this. He studied the question for a long time, ringing friends who passed through a similar test, and gradually convinced that winning a couple is quite real. But after 9 days Espandiars wrote a frank letter of Perkins and offered to redeem for a certain amount. Bill has canceled the agreement by earning a few hundred thousand dollars.