Sean Winter picks up a “purple jacket”, Jason Kun wins in the main event Poker Masters

The Las Vegas ended the Hirolery series Poker Masters, which numbered 10 tournaments. The last event from Holdem with Bay-in $ 50,000 has collected 37 entrances and $ 1,850,000 prize fund.

7 players started on the second day of the tournament. Leaded Scott Sever, With the shortest stack remained Daniel Negrean. Initially intrigue was who would become a bachem. As a result, Negrean was not lucky. His aces did not stand against the waltches Seth Davis in Preflop Hill-Ni.

Failed to spin Nikita Bodyakovsky, Then they left the tournament Seth Davis and Eric Sideel. The latter’s departure meant that victory in the common leadership and struggle for "Purple jacket" won Sean Winter. Bonus to his previous success in the series he will receive another $ 50,000.

Interestingly, before the 7th Poker Masters tournament, Winter had no point in the standing, and for a general victory he had only two hits in prizes totaling $ 777,000. The winner of the last Poker Masters tournament has become Jason Kun. In the hedz-opa he beat Adriana Mateos and took the main prize of Main Event $ 666,000.