I want to show on a personal example that poker is a sport – Mikhail Huty

There are many trophies in the Ukrainian poterist collection. In 2020, the Lutsk athlete in the national team of Ukraine became the world champion with match-poker and the best player of the Cup of Nations.

Successful Ukrainian poterist and ambassador Pokermatch Mikhail Guty told what attracted his Ukrainian Rum, what are the main differences of an offline and online game and why poker is sports.

Michael, the moon has passed as you became PokerMatch Ambassador. Already got used to a new role?

I think so. I played a few offline tournaments for this month, sitting at a table in a skinny PokerMatch, and you know, began to feel more responsible. Know that many of the players look at me and try to behave as much as possible. I want to be the soul of the company at the table, to communicate, to talk about PokerMatch, the actions and tournaments of Rum.

It seems to me that it is natural for you. You do not "You lock" at the table.

Yes, in Ukrainian series I usually always communicate at the table. When the table is cool, all relaxed, then it is the pleasure of playing for all. I noticed another thing: when I am fun, then I also show the best game (smiles). So I try to create a comfortable atmosphere for both others and for myself. Abroad – a little differently. In the early stage I am as a classic regular sitting in headphones so that you don’t go unnecessary. And here in the later stages I even like to talk to English. I’m not a great Tels expert but it seems to me that I can get some additional information in distribution if I talk to opponent.

Presentation by Michael Gutoy as Ambassador PokerMatch / Photo PokerMatch

As in your life appeared PokerMatch?

I registered in the summer of 2020. Announced the POKERMATCH UA Millions series online. This is the most pleasant series for me, since 2017 I traveled to all stages. Classroom schedule, especially progress-leaky, wonderful syllables, atmosphere in the series, generally, very much liked. And here through Kovid this series decided to spend online. So, I registered, played all tournaments and took the second place in one of them, receiving 160,000 hryvnias. So I have a bankroll on PokerMatch. I liked the field, software and in general the whole atmosphere, I was already waiting for some series and large -scale tournaments. I played even for 500 hryvnia some regular tournaments. A very good impression of Rum happened immediately, and long before becoming an ambassador, I told everyone about PokerMatch and how fun playing there.

Names three arguments why should you play on PokerMatch?

First of all, it’s a classy rum for newcomers. A wonderful place to come and test your poker skil. Improve your play on PokerMatch is lighter through a soft field and there are cheap limits. Just from the lower classes can rise, have a small bankrol and stuff your hand. The second moment is the openness of Rum. I’m signed on Ruslan Bangrt Telegram channel "Director of poker" from the very beginning, and I like his posts about how poker Rum works. Many moments are discussed with players and it moves. And when you play on PokerMatch, you feel part of the community. It’s something that Ukrainian, native, and it is also very important.

Michael Guty and Ruslan Banger at one table in the tournament / Photo PokerMatch

Well, the third is shares. Simple and accessible. Read the conditions, pressed "To participate" And all – you can get additional prizes in cache and in tournaments. And these stocks go non-stop for different categories of players. So openness, ease and accessibility – here’s obviously the main thing.

There was a special moment in your career – a wins in the Wsoope tournament and the champion bracelet. How important to you are such rewards?

Very important and Wsoope bracelet holds a special place. I want now the second, third (smiles). Watched Phil Helmut won his 16th bracelet and wept. It is truly very touching and important. You get a reward for your work and it is more valuable than money. In the plan that you will spend money in one way or something, you will invest in a bankroll, on a trip, in some household needs, and the prize will remain forever. Will I be "sell" Cup of any tournament if there is a chance to get more prize but not first place? I will say so: if it’s really valuable for me prize, I will play to the end. Of course there are every moments but i try in tournaments where there are trophies, play a clean victory.

Michael Huty after winning at Wsoope / Photo PokerMatch

Another important touch is your game for the national team of Ukraine. You are the World Champion and the best player of the Nation-2020 Cup. It’s easier to play for yourself or for a team?

For the national team to play harder, of course. But you know, such a nice responsibility and cool experience. I think all team members will agree with me. Play in our friendly team continuous pleasure. I was for the first time in the Cup nations in Kiev, we lived together at the hotel "Bratislava", And among us the incredible command spirit was wandered. We gathered after sessions, discussed distributions, planned a new session. Incredibly cool memories.

Well, when they won "gold" In 2020, there was a reward ceremony. True Heroes of Ukrainian Sports came out! I even showed my grandmother’s photo where I am with a cup and flag. Like, her grandson her real athlete, not a cartridge. Already want a new big tournament so we win again (smiles). We have a real very strong team that can all!

Michael Guto Medal for Victory in the Nations Cup / Photo PokerMatch

Come on plans. You have some global goal in the poison?

Want to win tournaments as much as possible. To make each next year a plus on the previous one. Such goals, I think, puts each athlete. I want to finally get to Las Vegas and play at Main Event WSOP. I was going to do it already, and Americans refused a visa, I will serve away from. Want to improve, show consistently high results. And most importantly, the status of Ambassador is really important to me now. I can talk about sports poker, promote it. To explain to people that it is really sport and not "roulette". I have enough arguments and in this I see now my main purpose and mission.

The interview was prepared by Yevgeny death. The full version can be found on PokerMatch website.