Is it worth throwing poker after a long lane of failures: Tips from an expert

Well -known American professional, coach and publicist Jonathan Little continues to share thoughts on the most pressing topics in poker. An expert whose back is over $ 7 million in the prize in living tournaments, analyzes how to treat beginners to long-lasting Downstrings.

As an example of Little takes his own game experience when he could not get into money for 40 tournaments at times. And this despite the fact that the experience and skill of the regulator seemed to save him from such problems. The effect of failures enhanced the fact that the day before the American won several tournaments in a row, so it was extremely difficult to take this situation.

The expert, therefore, advises not to draw early conclusions and get patience. You should not evaluate the results through the prism of emotional perception. Even the victory in the big tournament should not be excessively inspired, and the series of defeat should be taken as it should and move on. Keep in mind that poker is a game that gives results at a distance.

Continuing a significant recession does not necessarily mean you play bad though it can be an alarming bell. Whatever you win or lose, you should constantly look for a reason in your game rather than focus on other factors. Therefore, constant workouts and analysis should be integral part of the profession of poterist.

Jonathan Little. Photo:

Jonathan Little is a man successful and poor, so never spare money for cooperation with poker coaches. During his career, the American invested in private training about $ 25,000. And does not regret for every one -spent. Little shook the statistics before and after training and found out that he even earned it well with him.

Beginner players, obviously, do not have such a solid bankroll to invest in their own development. Little is advised to draw experience with colleagues who focus on playing on the same limits, or specialize in a particular variety of poker. There are many forums, communities, webinars and groups on social networks for this purpose.