Michael Addama has made a fifth victory in Super Millions but remains with a minus profute

It would seem that Michael Addama won all the money in the world last year, was constantly on his mouth and is absolutely deservedly considered one of the strongest poresters of today. But before the final table, his profite in poker Rum according to Sharkscope was a minus for $ 847,000.

It is unlikely to be of particular importance to Addam because it took a little more than one and a half hours to partially correct the situation. The Super Millions tournament had 150 participants and 116 re -entrances that allowed to increase the prize fund to incredible $ 2,660,000.

Each of the participants of the final table, which is traditionally broadcast in a straight ether, was guaranteed at least $ 65,000. The presence of Michael Addama also in the status of Chip Leader made him a main favorite for bookmakers.

Australian justified all hopes. Already in the 7th minute of the game Addama strengthened his stack to incredible sizes. Tyler "TheRAYGUY" Cornell who started with the second stack gave all chip leader chips. A pair of aces turned out to be weaker than dozens of Addama who "I caught" Seth on the flop.

In the hedz-up Australian came out against Brazilian Pablo Silva with equal stacks over 90 BB. The confrontation lasted only 10 minutes. In the final distribution of Michael came AKS, opponent – JJ. Ace on Torne cost Addama $ 518 640. After victory, the Australian graph in specifically this poker Rumy improved a little-minus $ 339,000.

Super Millions Final Table: See Video