Beautiful and Successful: The Five of the most attractive poterists in the world – photos

The stereotype that a person can only be either beautiful or smart has been dispelled more than once, and we will kill a few more nails from him. Poker is known to play intellectual and requires serious brain work. Which, however, does not prevent individual tournaments from turning into unofficial beauty pageants.

Olga Ermolcheva

Without exaggeration, the best poterist of Ukraine, and maybe all Eastern Europe. More than $ 200,000 of career winnings. The World Cower Champion in the Ukrainian national team, the best player of the Nations Cup-2019 and Ambassador Pokermatch.
Olga Ermolcheva / PokerMatch

Olga Ermolcheva / PokerMatch

Laura Sinra

Brazilian Laura Sintra boasts more modest achievements, however, she started her career only in 2015. Since then, it has made more than $ 30,000. By the way, she was able to break through the prize area on last year’s WSOP.

Laura Sinra / Cutegirl

Laura Sinra / Uapoker

Laura Sinra / Cutegirl

Tanya Pashalich

Croat for a long time worked as a reporter and host on television broadcasts of large poker tournaments. For several years in a row, she participated in Main Event WSOP and even made his way to the second day, however, the prize was not reached.

Tanya Pashalich / Uapoker

Tanya Pashalich / Uapoker

Natalie Hoff

German won for a career for more than $ 80,000. In particular, a few years ago, she was able to finish in the 39th place of the Berlin stage EPT.

Natalie Hoff / Facebook

Lion Bori

There is no need for unnecessary presentation here. One of the most successful poterists of the present. Nearly $ 4 million of career winnings and WSOP bracelet.