WSOP bracelet owner was accused of a thousand dollars fraud

Known Playboy, Millionaire and Painter Dan Belzerian accused of fraud of another successful professional and owner of WSOP bracelet Jean-brother Bellland.

The latter traditionally organizes one of the most expensive in Las Vegas Cash-Igor. On one of them he invited a seemingly good acquaintance Bilzerian. Dan, however, remained very dissatisfied with his losing. Belland posted a correspondence after a game in which the Belzerians frankly ran into him without picking up the words:

If you reject the obscene statements, the Belzerian believes that Jean-Belland invited to the game of men, who himself paid for Bay-in. Respectively, and most of their winnings also got to him. Allegedly all three played against one bilzerian. Dana immediately supported Bill Perkins. Businessman and Power Lover Although he did not participate in this game, but he is very fond of engaging in the fight for poker justice. In particular, not so long ago, Perkins and Belzaryan exposed the fraud of a very successful professional Dan Kates.

But this time the duo was obviously mistaken. They hired a special expert who interfered with all participants, explored the place of the game and… did not find any signs of fraud. So it seems that the Belzerians just tried to justify their own not the best game, or to get attention once again to their own figure.