“Firewood” in king: a flash drive

In order to get on the sixth floppy for a force combination in Texas Holdm – Flash – you will have to be patient. Having in "pockets" Two single cards, you only get the desired amplification in only 0.8% after the first three cards appear on the board. Much more likely to hit the flop in a flash drive.

It’s about a non -prepared combination that lacks one card to complete a flash. The likelihood of filling the gap is already on a thorno. Even greater is the chances of receiving a flash to River – 35%. If you calculate your prospects in the context of Autas, for the optimal schedule, you "You hunt" 9 cards from the log.

Therefore, it is obvious that even with a flash drive will not hurt to show activity in the fight for the bank. But not to overestimate your capabilities. Considering the percentage prospects, you can risk no more than a third stack on the flop. Here it will not hurt to analyze the dynamics of distribution and make decisions, given your own position at the table.

Flash Dro. Photo: Poker News

In addition, the optimal situation to continue fighting flash drive will be additional options, say, with a potential street. Or at least a pair is already ready. Eventually, even if the Flash-Dro is not closed to Rivera, you can win the bank thanks to a semi-ballef, aggressively playing on three streets. Such a technique can bear fruit, first of all, in confrontation with passive rivals.