Anton’s “tonyuzi” Sulimka: “Believed in his last distribution”

Tournament champion "Cup of the Power Federation" Kiev Anton "tonyuzi" He spoke about how he played at Bali at night, how three years ago he met Pokermatch, and gave advice to beginners.

– Antone, congratulations on the victory! How did it all happen to you in the tournament?

– Quite calm. First launched six windows then two more added. Got into prizes with several entrances, at some point was chiplider. But in general the stack jumped from 100BB to 15BB, tried to play actively. Especially key distribution was not. Unless on a won won with a couple of ladies against AK and A5 and got a good stack.

– For the finale went without deals.

– When remained two, the opponent suggested to discuss. And we had quite deep stacks and I believed in myself. Maybe if the Blinds have grown up, could split but did not have.

– How did your acquaintance with PokerMatch happen?

– Launched Rum in 2017 and from the first deposit took second place in the Hirolelers tournament. So, Pokermatch met me wonderfully (smiles). I have been playing periodically, mostly during series. Like such events – relatively weak syllables, a small field. I think your expectation can you realize here in two months quietly. Well and can you just pretend whether you fit or not.

– And in general you have long been in business?

– Since student times, from about 2009. I studied in Kharkiv and there played freerols in clubs, then on online slowly started playing. At some point it became clear that online for a professional game is more suitable. But I don’t forget about living game. I try to combine trips and participation in some series. Played on EPT (31st place in Main Event in Prague-Red.), last year won Platinum Pass, went on the Bahamas and got there in prizes. In Montenegro played. But you know, I try not to get carried away in the offline. Three to four series per year maximum.

– How do you cope with quarantine?

– Fortunately, it all caught us on the charming island of Bali. And here not so tough everything was with restrictive measures. There is, of course, minus that because of the difference in time tournaments of the series start for me on the first night. But nothing, on the weekend you can play!

– So what, the cup to you in Bali send?

– No no. I hope that the opportunity to return home to Kyiv soon appears soon.

– What else do you do in life except poker?

– I like to travel. We choose with a girl any interesting places to live there for a few months. Interesting to read literature on physiology, the development of body and brain abilities. I want to understand this to optimally control your body. Generally trying to live evenly and calmly. You can rush now and for everything you can find time – for the training of poker, for communicating with friends and girl, for self -education.

– That is, some poker goals are not?

– Can’t say that I think very much now. I remember the goal of winning Sunday Million and I did it six years ago. This year was the opportunity to go to America, to play WSOP, but the plans intervened. Let’s see. Generally I think we need to get out of opportunities and choose the best direction of classes at the moment.

– What is the main difference between poker 10 years ago and today?

– There is now a huge amount of information that newcomers can use and draw knowledge. When I started playing we could only only exchange experience with friends. They also played “by fan”, earning $ 50-100 a month. Studied the method of attempts and errors. Now everything is different but, on the other hand, and the threshold of entry into the game has become much higher. Therefore, I would recommend new players not only to accumulate knowledge, but also to work on a discipline first.